You will get 27 decals, all are brand new on glossy vinyl.


All the profits of each purchase will be donated to Mission 22, at the end of our 6 month fundraiser.


Sizes are:

- Notch: 1"x5"

- 12 Volt: 2.5"x3" (Each)

- No Limit: 1"x5"

- Zalien Head: 3"x3"

- Gold Bullets 1"x5" (Each)

- Pizza Planet: 3"x5"

- Pizza NASA: 2.5"x3"

- USA Ice Cream: 2.5"x3"

- USA Map: 2.5"x3"

- 3 Circles 3"x3" (Pluto, USA astronaut, Ghost)

- Crisis Line: 2.5"x4.25"

- 7 Flags: 2.5"x4.25"

- PROUD AMERICAN Windshield Decal 3"x38"

- PATRIOT USA Windshield Decal 2.5"x18"

Patriot Decal Box